Kids 2019- 2020 Class Schedule

New This Year

Mindfulness and Pottery with guest teacher Jeannie Cziesla

Meets 8 Monday afternoons 3:30-4:45 Sept. 16th – Nov.4th

for 3rd-5th graders Cost: $285

Combining the playful nature of clay with mindfulness teachers Jeannie and Faye will work together to create Fun and meaningful Art/Pottery that supports  and reminds students of their mindfulness skills and practices they will learn during the 9week session. These projects can be displayed in different places around their home to help remind observers of mindfulness skills and the enjoyment of their own creation.

We have 9 spots available, please e-mail Faye to register.



Fall Session will run for 9 weeks

There are 4 great choices, please read carefully and choose the best class for your budding potter.

Teen/tween pottery with a purpose –Meets Tuesday  Sept 10th-Nov 5th 3:45-5:00 $245:

 This is  class offered to the older and more experienced young potters, gives them a little extra time to create and fine tune the quality of their wares. During this session they will make specific pieces to be fired in a primitive pit fire and raku fire. Students will be encouraged to keep a sketchbook to generate ideas they may choose to explore during class time.

Home School Pottery for 6-14 year olds – Meets Tuesday: 2:30-3:30 $230:

It’s back, I offered this class many years ago when I had friends active in the home school community those kids are 27 now.  The idea  of this class is to give kids lots of space to explore the medium of clay,  and at the same time teach traditional technique i.e. pinch, coil, slab, wheel. Creations during the 9 week course will be fired in a primitive pitt  fire and a Japanese Raku fire (weather permitting of course).

Clay play for 6-9 year olds – Meets Wednesday 2:30-3:30 $230 Sept. 11th-Nov.6th

Designed for the younger potter, within the hour there will be plenty of time for imaginations to run wild at the same time maintain a strong emphasis on technique (how to sculpt and create and not have your work fall apart)  Students must be mature enough to focus and stay seated for most of the class.     


Functional and beyond 9-12 year olds – Meets Wednesday  3:45-4:45 $230 Sept. 11th – Nov. 6th

With imagination leading the way, students will be encouraged to think through how they design each pottery piece. What is the purpose of this creation? Can you eat or drink out of it? Can you store things in it? Is it ornamental, does it have special meaning, or who might you be making this for?  ….And has the piece been crafted with integrity? If group dynamics  prove responsible enough we will end the session with a Japanese  Raku fire (weather permitting). 


All parents will need to complete & sign a liability form prior to the 1st day of class. E-mail Faye to make sure there is space available and mail payment to Fayezart pottery 1806 NW 70th street. Seattle Wa. 98117, Or bring payment on the first day of class.